To provide a comprehensive healthcare through the locally available solutions. through, treatment , preventive and innovative measures.


Our values

Our values are core in guiding our services and forging a healthy relationship with the community around.


Our services go beyond the boundaries of gender, tribe, clan, social status, religion or such factors as disability. No distinctions are made in regards to such.


We believe in changing the way healthcare provision is defined. This is driven by the belief that only community acceptable solutions in healthcare can change the lives of people.


We are driven to provide for our patients, quality, accessible and affordable healthcare.


Our workers should reflect that high excellence that surpasses the expectations through good customer relations.


Our programs are accessible to a vast majority of people. By providing affordable healthcare services, the patients’ needs are therefore cheaply catered for. However we require support from our most esteemed well wishers. To donate for the support of our services please contact this Email :info@mamaclinic.org

University of Nairobi