Providing both curative and preventive approaches to disease and/or illness management and treatment.

We believe in providing, prevention, treatment and cure for common diseases and illnesses. This is through screening for and management of the treatable childhood and adult diseases such as malaria, typhoid, bilharzias as well as common injuries such as burns and accidental injuries.

Vaccination/immunization services are offered for the necessary cases.

Through early intervention, we encourage routine check-ups and follow-ups on illness and health education. These are achieved through;

Provision of door to door screening of possible diseases

Providing affordable and high quality healthcare

Carrying out individual based solution uniquely for a person.

Through community outreach programs and education programs for prevention of diseases.



 Maternal & Child health



Our programs are accessible to a vast majority of people. By providing affordable healthcare services, the patients’ needs are therefore cheaply catered for. However we require support from our most esteemed well wishers. To donate for the support of our services please contact this Email

University of Nairobi