To provide a comprehensive healthcare through the locally available solutions. through, treatment , preventive and innovative measures.

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Guiding patients on ways of guarding their health, enabling patients to own their own health.

We offer education on the mode and spread of infections, including preventive techniques and measures.

Availing education and understanding in our people.


We are able to reduce infections and thus impact a lot

in the development process of individuals through healthy living.

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Creating awareness through community based programs, public outreach and education, treatment and care for the infected and counseling for the affect

Through care, treatment and preventive measures, blood screening and counseling are vital in controlling the spread of the virus.


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Jack was born and raised in Muhuru bay in Migori district in western Kenya. Inspired by his past, he went on a mission to change the healthcare system in the region through community relevant services.

Childhood dream to start health centre becomes a reality

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 By providing  conducive environment for child-delivery, offering support from prenatal to birth and beyond. Developing a tendency of regular medical... 

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Our programs are accessible to a vast majority of people. By providing affordable healthcare services, the patients’ needs are therefore cheaply catered for. However we require support from our most esteemed well wishers. To donate for the support of our services please contact this Email :info@mamaclinic.org

University of Nairobi